Limited Lifetime Warranty

Window Film Warranties 

Limited Lifetime Warranty on window film and installation, against any factory defects.


Limited Warranty on window film and installation (depending on manufacturer).



Glass Warranties

Window Film Manufacturer’s Warranty Program
This Program was designed by the Window Film Industry in response to window manufacturers putting more and more restrictions on the warranties provided to purchase their products.


Although there are a small percentage of windows that have thermal shock or seal failure, we have observed that some manufacturers actually void their consumer warranty on residential windows if window film is applied to the glass. (In many instances they also void warranties for blinds, shading devices, draperies or other window treatments as well.)


This situation has put consumers who would like to enjoy the benefits of putting window film on their glass at risk with respect to continuing their warranty.


Commercial Window Tint window film manufacturers have decided to support the consumers’ right to choose window film by providing a comprehensive warranty program that allows the consumer to maintain the benefits of their original window manufacturer’s warranty.


Limited Lifetime Warranty against glass breakage replaced word for word with existing window manufacturer warranty


5 year Limited Warranty against Thermo-Shock Fracture.